Friday, May 20, 2016

We gave ourselves a Facelift!

Well, not our actual faces, that I'm thinking about that :)

Michelle here!  In case you missed the big announcement yesterday, we shared our updated website news with everyone and the launch was a big success!  We experienced no glitches - which is a HUGE feat in technology, so we are very happy.  Our new baby skipped crawling and walking and went straight to playing hopscotch and chasing rainbows!

I thought I would post a blog today to share with you some of the improvements on the website.  I will apologize up front for the poor quality of the photos in this post, but the only way to get photos of the website was to use my phone and take shots of the screen.  If you've ever done that, you know it takes grainy photos with poor lighting and wavy lines.  But, at least it will show you where to find many of the new things we've added to the site.

The very first thing you will notice when you log on is how we've designed it with a fresh, clean, happy, bright layout and color scheme so it would be a cheerful place for you to browse around.  We made it much more user friendly and intuitive.  We added many features and new pages to give you as much information at your fingertips as we possibly could.

We also made the site mobile friendly - easy to shop from your chair in your jammies from your smart phones and tablets now!!  After all, that really is the best way to shop!

Now for a more detailed look at the site, and here comes those grainy pics!

New Home Page

As you know in 2014 we officially changed our company name from FriendFolks to Turning Twenty, but our website still had our old name and logo.  On the new Home Page, you will see the fresh, clean, cheery look and you will see our logo and Turning Twenty company name.  Finally!!

On the top right of the Home Page you will see all of the ways you can connect with us on Social Media.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, this blog, and our e-Newsletter.  We LOVE to see your photos and love interacting with you all.  If you don't Like, Follow, Tweet, and Pin with us already, please join in!

You will also notice we added your Account and Login here so it is quick and easy to find.  For Shop Owners, our Wholesale Login is right below in the navigation bar.  We also added an adorable little shopping cart that keeps track of items as you add them.  When you are ready to check out, just click your little cart and you are all set.

The next section you come to is the Left Navigation Bar where we have added a Search Bar for you.  Looking for all fabric by Moda?  Just put Moda in the bar and hit Go!  Looking for everything Strips Ahoy?  Put Strips Ahoy in the bar, hit go, and you will see the pattern, the kit, and anything else having to do with that beautiful pattern.  Below the Search Bar are the Store Categories.

You can see the entire list, but if you put your mouse over the Category names, you will see any Sub-Categories pop up.  For instance, here you can see I moused over Tea Towels, Gifts, and Home and you can see there are Categories for Tea Towels, Hailey, and Home.  Speaking of Hailey, you may have noticed we added some new categories for you.  Hailey is one of them!  There is more on that later.  If you look through the list you will also see two other new categories: Remnants and The Sample Room.  Remnants are various cuts of fabric that we have that we are selling as a single cut as it is all we have left.  So, we could have 3/4 yard of fabric left and you will find it in Remnants.  You'll want to check in each time you visit the site as this category will be ever-changing.  The Sample Room...that one is tons of fun!  Here is where we put all of our samples that we made to test a pattern, for photo shoots, etc.  You may find completed quilt tops that just need the border and backing added, or completed quilts, etc.  Everything will be in excellent condition as it was just used for photo shoots, display, or simply as a test.  They just need to find a new home.  These will also be One only items, so if you want something from The Sample Room, it's best to grab it when you can!

The center of the Home Page is where you will find all of the Newest Books, Patterns, Machine Embroidery Disks, and Kits.  You will also see those on the Right Navigation Bar throughout the entire site.

Don't forget our feet!!  The footer of the site has TONS of great information.  It will always take you back to the Home Page, you can also click and read About Us, Another place for Wholesale accounts to log in, a new FAQ page is here and it will be a changing page as we will add new questions as they come up, so if you are wondering about something, check the FAQ and you just may find your answer.  If you are looking for our Distributors, policies, or to contact us, those are all there for you.  Another item we added to the footer is current Job Openings we have.  We are always looking for talented and self-motivated people for our team.  If you are interested, check there and see if anything speaks to you!

Want to see who we are and what each of us do?  Click the About Us link and you will see photos of each of us along with a short bio.  One of the new things we are going to start doing is sharing with you some on each of our passions.  You will notice that although we are all one family, each of us are very different and have very different hobbies.  We thought, why not share that with all of you?!  Many of you share some of our other loves in addition to quilting and it would be fun to build a community around everything we enjoy!  You will start to see things from me on Scrapbooking (any Scrappers out there?!), maybe some organization tips or ways that I use my planner.  Hailey will pop in to share her love of crochet, fitness, healthy eating and recipes, and some awesome mom hacks! Here is where I will circle back to Hailey's Category in the store.  She will be selling many of her beautiful crochet creations, so if you are looking for something handmade with love to give as a gift or spoil yourself with, check out her category.  Right now she has the most adorable baby booties (perfect for baby shower gifts!), but she will be adding more things all the time.  Lily will even jump online some and give you her perspective as an almost 5 year old learning to quilt and sew.

We have an amazing, talented team that works with us.  It takes a village to make things happen and we want you to meet the women who help and support us.  We are so thankful to have these wonderful friends.  They are a blessing to all of us.

The last area I'll share with you today is in the Fabric section.  We have added the wording
"1/2 yards" next to the quantity box to make it easier to choose the correct quantity when ordering.  1 = 1/2 yard, 2 = 1 yard, etc.  You will notice two other things in the picture, though one is hard to see.  Right above the Quantity Box and price throughout the website, you will see how many of that certain product we have in stock.  The other thing you will notice from this photo is Kaffe fabric!  We have almost 100 bolts of different Kaffe, Brandon Mably, and Philip Jacobs in stock just waiting for you to take home!  Be sure to come check it out!

That's a quick walk through of some of the changes, but to see it all, just log onto: and look around.  We hope you enjoy it and please leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

Happy Browsing,


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