Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fun with Town and Country Quilt Guild

I was honored to share with the Town and Country Quilt Guild of Stephenville, Texas just a few weeks ago. Since the meeting was on a Saturday, we made it a FriendFolks family day.
Gary, Michelle and Stephen all came along to help. I love taking them, I get to spend more time visiting, while they do the work!  :-)  Michelle took these pics and handled sales, while the guys unloaded quilts and products, sweating in the July HEAT.....I'm blessed with a loving family.

I began by demonstrating my 'secret knot'. We handed out needles and thread, so everyone could master the technique. It's so much fun to see the light bulb flash over a quilter's head. I share this wherever I go, and have even had ladies call on the phone to say how they love this simple trick!

I enjoyed getting to share some of my quilts and answer questions.
Shown here is "Strawberry Shortcake" featured in my tURNING TWENTy® Slapplique  book.

Gary is showing "Sew Easy" from tURNING TWENTy® Simply Sashed 

Gary and Stephen showing Jingle Jangle Jungle

Stephen doing double duty holding Rickrack Reproductions (left) and Rickrack Rooster (right) from Double-Dippin' Quilts!

Town and Country Quilt Guild was such a gracious host and we enjoyed the day we spent with them.  We are looking forward to returning this fall for a workshop!
Thank you ladies for a wonderful day!