Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Mama - Louise King

For as far back as I can remember mama worked with her hands.  As children, she sewed our clothes, kept a garden to feed us, scrubbed our dirty faces, and tried to teach us right from      wrong.
Mama grew up during a difficult time, and learned how to make ends meet, regardless of what she had to work with.  There wasn't a job she wouldn't tackle, and not a person that she did notcount as a friend.
I learned a lot from mama.  I learned to sew at a very young age, I could cook by the time I       was 10 years old, and I sure knew how to wash dishes!
Mama didn't take up quilting until she had grandkids, that was when she actually had some timeto do things just because she wanted to, instead of because she had to.
I'm blessed to still have mama with me.  She's 80 years young, facing a few health challenges,but still can play a mean game of Chickenfoot.  As my own life changes, and I grow older, I      only appreciate and love her more and more.  Her sacrifices, love, and nurturing have had an   impact on my life in ways I can't even express.  I'm proud to honor my mama during this          special month.  This world is a better place because she is here.
I love you mama.

Mama - Age 15
Mama - Today, Age 80