Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival

What a wonderful time we had vending at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival last month in Loveland, Colorado!  Everyone was so kind and we had so much fun!

Of course, before the show, we were running around like crazy people getting ready to go.  There just never seems to be enough time and before you know it, Travel Day is upon you.  

Below you can see our last minute preparations...yes, it took a village!  Scott is digitizing the new Snowmen patterns (top left) as Stephen is packing Jingle Jangle Jungle kits while Gary and I cut fabric (top right).  Gary and Michelle sort fabric (bottom left) and just when you think you are done, you realize the count is off and Gary is back to cutting fabric again (bottom right)!   

Gary and I finished getting everything ready to go and loaded while Stephen and Michelle went to sleep early so they would be rested to drive.  At 1 AM, they hit the road and it was Loveland or Bust!  The weather was beautiful.  So much cooler than August in Texas!  We did manage to get one picture of the Rocky Mountains and one of those "Did you get it?" pictures of the bridge as we entered Loveland.  That is the blurry picture below!  :)

Below are some pictures of the booth just before the show started.  We could not have asked for a better location - just across from the Women's restroom!!  Needless to say, we stayed quite busy! 

 We also had fun "warning" women as they were entering the restroom...the MEN'S restroom!  Whomever laid out the building put the restrooms side by side, but in opposite order: Women, Men on one side of the wall and Men, Women on the other.  So, unless you were paying careful attention, you would just walk into the wrong restroom.  Michelle almost made the mistake once herself...and she knew about it!  I wish I could add an audio to the blog of all the "belly laughs" we heard during the show due to that bathroom layout!

We will never forget the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival or the great friends we made while we were there.  Thank you to everyone who came out to see us!  

We are working feverishly now preparing for International Quilt Market (Oct 27-29) and International Quilt Festival (Nov 1-4) in Houston, TX.  We will be at Booth 956.  We have some surprises in store!!  We hope to see you there!