Thursday, September 26, 2013

Top 5 Joys of a Family Business

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work with family?

Turning Twenty® is a family business.  Each of us play a part and each of us love this company. Together we are blessed to breathe life into Turning Twenty® and to serve you!

So, in a spirit of, I give you

The Top 5 Joys of a Family Business

1.  We have our own "Professional" departments


Prototype Feedback
Customer Service
Research and Development


2.  Our work area is always clean and inventory is always in it's appropriate place

3.  We are always in the office, dressed professionally and ready to work by 8 AM

4.  We always have time for a nutritious and well balanced lunch

5.  Finally, we never, EVER goof off!!

The greatest joy of all though...

and working with them isn't that bad either!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Turning Twenty® is now on Quilting Hub!

Turning Twenty has our own brand identity page on
As you may know, this is a hybrid between a Facebook page and all those inaccurate shop lists floating around. This community site fixes all the inaccuracy issues, and makes it easier to find shops, brands and events.  
My favorite features are:
  • Map of shops along the way (trip planning) - Such a great resource!!
  • Shop last verified date (customer/community maintained)
  • The ability to view sales and classes in a local calendar
With 800+ listings, 3,000+ events and 17,000+ unique users, we highly recommend Quilting Hub!'s free!  
Just click and register.  Then, we could use your help!  After registering, please make sure to like, fan and rate us!
A truly great resource for quilters!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Turning Twenty® Is Going Through "The Change"

No!  Not "that" change!  :)

Over the coming weeks you will see some pretty big changes around here!  You may have already noticed our name change.  Let me share our story:

In 1980, I was bitten by the no-so-rare, but life-changing quilt bug.  If you are reading this you must know there is no cure and you never recover from that bite.  Using patterns found in magazines, I learned a little more with each quilt I made.  I had finally found my creative passion!  In time, I began to create my own designs and found tremendous satisfaction in my work.  In 1994, I purchased my first longarm quilting machine and taught myself how to just let go and quilt FREESTYLE!  What fun!!  From this passion, FriendFolks was born!

By 1999, FriendFolks had the pleasure of opening a Quilt Shop on the square in Graham, Texas - the largest square in Texas! Our shop was located in the old Liberty Theater. We made a lot of new "friendfolks" while our shop was open!

In October of 2000, we took our growing business to our very first Quilt Market - WOW - was that fun!  FriendFolks was a success and we made several important connections that began moving us into a new direction...designing and publication.

In 2002, I created Turning Twenty® and FriendFolks was forever changed.  We established FriendFolks Publishing Company and now market our books and patterns to distributors and quilt shops all over the world.

In 2005 we closed our quilt shop to focus entirely on designing and publishing our own patterns.

In 2006, Gary retired and we added digitized machine embroidery to our ever growing line of products.

After 19 years working for a local company, our son, Scott Cribbs, joined FriendFolks.  He is now Director of Warehouse, Distribution and Customer Service.

After 20 years in sales training and corporate management, our daughter, Michelle Barnett, joined FriendFolks.  She is now our Director of Sales and Marketing.

In 2012, Turning Twenty® celebrated it's 10th birthday!  We decided to celebrate by launching an entire new book series and Turning TEN® was born!

Which brings us to today.  We have been so blessed with such amazing friends in this business.  Our customers, shops, and distributors have made us who we are today!  We could never thank you enough for all the love and support you show us each and every day.  We are blessed to have been able to create a family business.  Not many people experience the joy of working with your husband, son and daughter!  Now, our grandchildren are becoming involved in the business.  It's a wonderful life!  

FriendFolks was born in 1994, but we are known around the world as the "Turning Twenty®" people, so this year we decided to officially change our name.  We are now Turning Twenty®!  This launched us into a total makeover of our entire business and thus..."The Change" has begun!!  

Keep watching - you'll be seeing some wonderful things happening as we finish out 2013!