Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quilting Friends

The quilting world has brought many new friends into my life.  I never dreamt that the path of my life would intersect with so many others, simply because of my love for quilting.  It's amazing how God can take a simple interest of ours and turn it into an opportunity to enrich our lives in such a beautiful and fun way! 

Here's to all my quilting friends, past present and future! 

Whose Got The Button?

I started collecting buttons as a child, but stray buttons were hard to come by around our house. Mama’s frugal habits surely hindered my button collecting. She insisted those buttons had another life, and were not destined to live out their days in an old mayonnaise jar. So back then I was never able to completely fill a jar and call it my own. 

This is a huge 8 gallon jar that sits in the center of my kitchen table.
Things are sure different now, do you know even ten people who would replace a missing button rather than just buy a new shirt?  So when I see stray buttons that go unclaimed I bring them home, clean them up, and put them on display.  My button jars serve as a reminder to me that the tiniest thing can be used to ‘hold it all together’.  Surprising when you think about it, huh?
Antique jar of buttons (next to our wedding picture) on top of a cabinet.
Antique button jar in my bunny bathroom.
Old coffee jar - again in my bunny bathroom.
Union Suit button pin sitting on top of old coffee jar.
Vintage bird waterer filled with buttons - yes! on the back of the toilet (in my bunny bathroom!)
Fat Belly Button Jar in the center of our family room table.
Antique pharmacy apothecary filled with buttons.
Water dispenser - spigot does not drip buttons :)
My favortie Beehive jar is almost full now!
Button jar hidden with other collectibles in stacked cubes.
Baby dress buttons, military buttons, and the big black buttons from Grandma’s church dresses. Rhinestone buttons from a fine Easter bonnet, and simple wooden buttons from granny’s field bonnet. Pearl buttons from silk gloves, and metal buttons from grandpa’s overalls. Buttons just remind me of all the times when something was about to fall apart, but someone rushed in with just the right button to help hold it all together again.
Assorted button jars on my stacked cubes.
Heart pin filled with white and pearl buttons hand sewn by mama.
I just love BUTTONS!

Turning Twenty Red & Butter Doll Dress Quilt

What an honor it was to be invited to participate in Holly’s blog event!

When I saw this new Dolly Dress fabric at market I began to dream of the quilt I’d make. Aren’t quilting dreams so much fun? I changed course three times before settling on the design for this cutie.  Once the plan became final, it didn’t take long at all to complete the project.
Why of course, it’s a Turning Twenty® quilt! Did you expect anything else from me?
I pulled from my Lakehouse stash of yellows and reds for accents and border. I used the two different Dolly Dress panels, fussy cutting the dresses and machine blanket stitching them onto yellow backgrounds with RED thread.
The Cribbs ladies love red & yellow together. Our daughter, Michelle, has an absolutely delightful red & butter master bedroom. I’ll post pictures here someday.
But this quilt is just for ME! It will be so cute hanging on the buttery yellow wall just behind my sewing area when my new studio is finished next spring. 

By now you all know how I love fantastic looking quilts, but they simply must be quick and easy.  The pattern I used is in my newest Turning Twenty book, it’s called Button Up Buttercup. I added red rickrack, some really big red buttons, and lots of tiny red buttons for embellishment.
The Lakehouse fabrics are from the new Dolly Dress collection and some from Lakehouse past collections. One thing I love about Holly’s fabrics is how well they blend from one collection to the next. I collect Lakehouse fabrics as they become available, so there is always a great quilt just over the horizon.
If you’d like to purchase my newest book, click on this link Turning Twenty Slapplique 
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sunday School Singers and Mr. Bear

Thanks for taking a moment out of your busy day to stop by my blog! 
Look for Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks from Today’s Top Designers – Collector’s Edition - Vol.2 in your local quilt shop, on newsstands, or order from
I am pleased to have participated in this special publication!  Most of you know me for my Turning Twenty® quilt book series, but one of my lifelong passions is hand embroidery.  When asked to contribute a block for this publication, I was knee-deep in designing new Redwork patterns.  So, the block I submitted is REDWORK!
Sweet Dreams is one of twelve designs from my Sugar Dumplin’ collection.
The entire collection will be available as a BOM beginning in January 2011.
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Our subscribers are always the first to know when new patterns are available.

I love embroidery, and Redwork is my all time favorite.  I use red floss, but tend to go with red/pink/ivory/white when choosing complimentary fabrics.

You will find my block on page 37 of the magazine, with my embroidery pattern on page 72.  Hope you have fun making your own Sugar Dumplin’ block! 
This 100 Blocks issue is filled with beautiful blocks from some very talented designers.
You will want to add this Quiltmaker issue to your collection. The blocks will inspsire
you with  lots of design ideas!
Prize drawing! Before you continue on, browse our website, and be sure to leave a comment on this post and you will be entered in a drawing to win a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks from Today’s Top Designers. The winner will be posted here!
Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks from Today’s Top Designers
Thanks to everyone who participated in this exciting Blog Tour. I hope you will keep watching my blog. We’ve got lots of great new designs coming your way!!!! Tricia
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Sunday School Singers Have Come Back Home! 

November 3rd, 2010
Gary and I just returned from Fall Quilt Market and what a wonderful market it was!  We saw lots of old friends and met some really wonderful new friends too.  What fun!
I will be posting over the next couple of weeks to tell you all about our new designs. One thing for sure, our Sunday School Singers did a good job at market and are so happy to be back at home.  Zacchaeus begged to be the first one to blog and went out on a limb to say “howdy” today.    
I started designing Sunday School Singers in January 2009, but I get side-tracked from time to time so this collection was a little slow in getting to the finish line.  However, when our singers made their debut at Quilt Market in Houston, they were a hit.  Several ladies, and a couple of gentlemen as well, gathered around our quilt and sang Sunday School songs they remembered from their own childhood.  Lots of smiles and good memories!  There are 12 embroidered blocks in my Sunday School Singers quilt PLUS 13 embroideries of kids at play.  The embroidery is just basic stitching, I colored with permanent fabric markers.  Sunday School Singers is also digitized for machine embroidery…..hmmmm….wonder if I really DO want to have an embroidery machine someday.  Lots faster and the designs look great!
With boxes to unpack and laundry to be finished, I’ll call it a day here and be back with more very soon!    


(and all my Sunday School Singers)

A Day In The Life Of Mr. Bear
We’ve been working on so many new things for fall quilt market and, one by one, they are starting to come together.  I’m excited to have just completed my newest embroidery design, and as I share close-up photos of each block, I’ll tell you a little story about our only granddaughter.  Hailey is a true Texas Sweetheart, and the icing on our cake!
It was Hailey’s third Christmas, her eyes widened as she opened her gift from Uncle Scott. As she pulled out a huge  (actually – gigantic) teddy bear, it was love at first sight. She wrapped her tiny arms around that squishy bear and her little body got lost in all that fluff.
Mr. Bear became Hailey’s constant companion, even going along to the hospital to have ‘their’ tonsils removed.  Years have passed and Hailey is now engaged to be married.  The wedding is scheduled for June 2011, and I’ve heard a rumor that Mr. Bear will be in attendance!  Guess I’ll need to sew a custom tux for the big guy.  Here’s a typical Day in the Life of Mr. Bear….
The center of the quilt showcases Hailey and Mr. Bear.
Such simple embroidery and so much fun to stitch!

 The two begin their day with a stroll to the park. Not being much of a morning bear, Mr. Bear thinks a carriage ride suits him very well. 
Mr. Bear truly enjoys the wind whooshing through his fur as Hailey makes the swing go higher and higher into the sky... 
Until a sudden fall send them rushing back home for bandages and a dose of tonic! 
Hailey knows Mr. Bear so very well. Baking cookies always soothes his woes...
Besides, it's great preparation for an afternoon tea party. What fun this has turned out to be! 
After tea comes Hailey's favorite--indoor games! Sometimes, they put together a favorite puzzle and sometimes they play hide 'n seek, but today it's BLOWING BUBBLES! Hailey reminds Mr. Bear that there's just nothing better than spending the whole day with your bestest friend and of course, Mr. Bear agrees...

But, everyone needs quiet time just to wind down before calling it a day. It's story time for these sweet pals and oh, the stories they've shared...
When the lights are dimmed and prayers are said, the friends decide once again, "It's REALLY been a good day!" 
Good night Mr. Bear....Good night Miss Hailey. 

Story telling is fun for us grandmothers!  If you’d like to view the entire quilt, click on this link
And, if you decide to order our pattern, please send a photo of your own Mr. Bear quilt to share with all our friends!