Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Turning Twenty is Turning Ten!!

Over the years many of you have asked about the back cover of my original Turning Twenty book.  As we celebrate Turning Twenty's 10th anniversary, I thought this would be the perfect time to update you on our precious grandchildren, Kyle and Hailey.

Here is the picture of Kyle and Hailey from the back cover of the original Turning Twenty published in 2002. Aren't they just adorable?! Oh, and that is Pearl in the middle - sadly, we laid her to rest in 2007.

Kyle was 11 and Hailey was 9.  Pearl is 6 years old :-)

Today is actually Kyle's 21st birthday!  He married his sweetheart, Bailey, in August 2010 and in October 2011 gave us our first GREAT grandchild.  Lily Grace is just the sweetest baby girl, and already brings such joy to my heart.  Kyle just graduated Army Basic Training and is now training to be a combat medic.  Here we are with him on graduation day.  Our hearts swell with pride as we watch our grandson become a strong man of God.  Happy Birthday Kyle!

Here are Kyle and Bailey on their wedding day.

Here's Kyle with his beautiful Bailey, on graduation day.

And, here is little Lily Grace.  What a happy baby and wonderful blessing!

Hailey is now 19, and a ballroom dance instructor. She dated her beau for 3 years in high school and in 2011 she married that marvelous young man. Lucas and Hailey are expecting baby Jude on March 23rd, but looks like he plans to make an earlier entry into this world. We just got word that Hailey is in  labor, so our first GREAT-grandson, William Jude, may arrive today!  Congrats to Hailey and Lucas Byrd!

Here is a recent photo of my little pumpy-umpkin. Hailey Nicole Barnett Byrd.

Hailey and Lucas just after he proposed.

Hailey and Lucas on their wedding day.

And so, here's to celebrating Turning Twenty turning ten! Thanks for encouraging me to share photos of the grandkids today...posting this blog was fun, and also brought tears to my eyes as I once again realize how quickly time passes.  We treasure each day and give thanks to God for all of our blessings.

Happy Anniversary Turning Twenty!