Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lily's New Brother and Her Pizza

Lily Grace here :) I was able to sneak onto the blog today to talk about two new family members! 
We just welcomed my new baby brother a couple weeks ago! It took forever and seemed like he was in Jenn's tummy for a long, long, long time, but he finally decided to come out! Probably because I told him about all my toys I have and that I would share them with him. He got so excited to play with me I guess he decided to come on out! I thought, "It's about time!"
I had to stay in a big place with all my family and we had to wait all day and finally he was here! 
I was about to go into his room and get him out myself! 
When I saw him for the first time, he was all wrapped up in a baby blanket and all he was doing was sleeping, he wouldn't even look at me. How rude?! But my Daddy said it's because he's a baby and babies have to sleep a lot. I'm okay with it now because he doesn't cry when when he's sleeping and I don't have to share my toys right away :) I wanted to play with him as soon as he came home from the hospital, but he just lays there, sleeps, eats, or poops... 
I think he's really cute though. Don't you? Jenn and Daddy named him Caedmon :)
Daddy, Me, and Caedmon
As much as I love being a big sister, I also got a Pizza!! I can't eat this pizza though, because he's my new puppy dog!! 
Jenn found him outside and we got to keep him for a while until his owner came looking for him. I was so sad when they came :( But then they said we could keep "Pickles" if we wanted too! So now he's my new puppy!! But then I thought, "Pickles?! What kind of name is Pickles? I think he looks more like a Pizza to me! Yes, Pizza is a good name!"
Speaking of pizza, I think Im going to ask Daddy if we can have pizza for dinner tonight. I hope he doesn't think I want to eat my puppy though!! Boy, this might get confusing. 

Smiles and hugs,
Ms. Lily Grace 

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