Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rossie Peonies

   In the early 90's, Rossie Parker hired me to quilt the huge stack of quilt tops she had pieced over the years. What began as a business relationship soon became a precious friendship.
   Finishing one quilt each month kept me going back and forth to her lovely little house for years. Each spring, Rossie had the most beautiful peonies blooming right next to her front door. 
   One year as I was about to leave, she bent down with spade in hand and dug a hefty clump for me to take home. Wrapping the wet soil in newspaper, she said, "Now you plant these in your flowerbed and always remember me and all our quilting together." 
   Rossie is now gone, but each spring I'm blessed with blooms so big their stems can't support them! I think of my dear friend and recall our many visits. Today, I'm sharing a couple of photos of my Rossie Peonies! Enjoy :) 

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