Monday, March 30, 2015

Lily Grace- My Hex Project!

Hi! my name is Lily Grace Barnett. Everyone says I'm the cutest Turning Twenty Girl. I'm 3 1/2 years old and I'm learning to make quilts. Tricia is my great grandmother, I call her Minnie. So, today my Minnie told me the first thing to do is clean up our mess from yesterday! I guess it's better to start with a clean room. But I just want to hurry up and get to sewing!! 

Minnie said I'm the best vacuum girl she's ever seen. I already knew that though.
I wanted to start my own hex project, so we found a big mat and put it on the floor. I got to pick out my own scrap to trace hexes into!

Did you know you can trace a design right on the template? If you use a sharpie marker it works great. Then you just remove the marks when your done with plain old alcohol and a paper towel. I think that's pretty cool. I'm using a hex template made by a smart lady named Carol. You can get your templates from her too! Minnie bought every size she makes. Her dotcom is

So, what you gotta do is put the template on your fabric and trace around it to make a perfect hexagon. It's easy to do and Minnie said I'm the best tracing girl she's ever seen. But, I already knew that. Then you use scissors and cut out on the lines but wait you can't use scissors unless a lady is sitting right beside you every minute. That's the scissor rule and if you are going to work in a studio you can't forget the rules!

I need to tell you too that sometimes your back hurts from quilting. Yep, Minnie said that's just part of the art and you have to take breaks and get a drink. 

That's all I know so far about hexes. I'll be back soon to teach you some more but right now I gotta take a bath and help Minnie cook supper. I hope we are making cookies!  Bye bye.

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