Thursday, September 8, 2011

The One Who Dies With The Most Fabric Wins!

Is it really possible to have TOO much fabric?  Hmmm...nope, I don't believe it is :)  To say "I love fabric!" would be an understatement.  You know how the story goes, I head to the fabric store with a very specific fabric in mind that I'm needing for my next quilt project.  I tell myself that I will NOT be swept away by the world of bright colors, fun designs and luxurious textures....but when I enter the fabric store......I just know I'm as good as gone.....oh the cottons, the linens, the floral prints!  Polka dots, really?  How CAN I resist?!?  This fabric obsession is stronger than I am.  When I spy the latest floral prints and all the pretty colors, my mind immediately begins planning out my next quilt.  I get swept away by bold colors and cute designs.  Novelty fabrics are so much fun and it's like those designs are just daring me to add them somewhere into my next quilt.

With the promise of an early autumn, my mind races with the excitement of fall colors, geometric patterns and baby soft flannels.  Of course, with the change of the season comes the holidays, creeping ever closer. That's right, it's going to be Christmas before we know it!  It's time to start thinking about Christmas quilts, quilted stockings, quilted table runners, embroidered holiday designs.  Isn't your heart just racing?  It's not too early!  Get a head start on those Christmas blocks now and before you know it, you'll have a beautiful, new Christmas quilt to wrap yourself up in. Hmmmmm......You know, I believe I better make a trip to the fabric store.  I need to stock up on holiday prints......but first, I better go clear a space in my sewing room, just in case a few other prints catch my eye. ;)


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