Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Burning" Twenty

For those of you that follow our Turning Twenty FaceBook page, you'll remember that I promised the story behind some of my quilts catching fire!

We just had a disaster that would have been HUGE if Gary hadn't been in the house!
I have a big black glass front cabinet in our dining room that I had taken china out of and filled with quilts.

The cabinet has lights on the inside across the top. Gary smelled smoke and couldn't find it anywhere because his eyes can't see smoke. He called me in from the barn and I saw smoke as soon as I entered our back door. 
I then ran to the front and smoke was rolling out of the black cabinet. A light had obviously shorted out and my quilt was smoldering. I then proceeded to yank the quilt out. The melted light was embedded in it. 
I ran to kitchen and put the quilt under water. Unfortunately, while I was busy doing that, the smoldering light remains dropped onto the next quilt in the stack. The second quilt wasn't destroyed, but sadly, the first quilt was.

 I'm so thankful we were home!  It would have consumed all the quilts in the cabinet and then burned the house down!

So, moral of our story. 
1. Lights can still short out even if they aren't turned on
2. Don't put your quilts in a quilt cabinet that has lights
3. Always keep your husband inside the house just in case something bad happens ;)


  1. OMG! Thank goodness it was not worse! And thank GOD your husband was in the house!!!

    1. Julie-
      I know! I was so blessed he was in the house and has a great sense of smell!!