Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

   I have been busy designing and creating new things for Fall Quilt Market, but I've had requests from followers who want to know more about me. Most everyone I meet at market, shows, or classes see me in a professional setting, so let's stir things up a bit and I'll tell you 10 things that make me happy! Of course, Turning Twenty makes me very happy but let's get more personal :)

1) Babies
This is our sweet Lily Grace. There is just something about babies that make me smile more than anything! They are so sweet, innocent, and loving. My great grand babies don't worry about finances, stress, or relationships. All they have to worry about is being happy and giving big kisses! When I hold a baby, I am just like a sponge. I soak up all their happiness, carefree ways, and love. That refreshes me! Babies are truly a miracle sent straight from Heaven, that's why I think they smell so good (have you ever sniffed the top of a babies head? Heavenly!) We are allowed to mold our babies and help them to become amazing grown ups. What a gift!

2) Falling Rain
"Rain, rain, go away.." That's not something you'll hear me say. Just look at our precious baby Jude, how he loves to splash in the puddles! I love rain and savor when we are blessed with showers! Rain is God's way of cleansing the earth and bringing new life. It's rejuvenating and brings so much peace. The smell of a thunderstorm that is just about to break from the clouds, the sound of rain hitting the roof (which is also romantic), and how the world looks green and new just after it rains. It's truly beautiful.

3) Chickens
Just a pleasant preschool memory from my childhood that always makes me giggle.
When I was a little girl, we had a chicken pen in the backyard. I loved going in the pen and talking to the chickens, but so scared of our mean old rooster. Not crazy about roosters, but chickens make pretty great friends when you are three years old! 

4) Real Hugs
This picture of our lovely Michelle and her baby boy, Kyle is a perfect example a "real hug." A real hug involves both arms lovingly wrapped around someone and being squeezed in a loving way :) It's not a one armed little squeeze from the side, a handshake, or a pat on the back. Real hugs are warm and full of love, they make you feel all happy inside. Real hugs come from people who truly love and care about you. When you receive a real hug, you just know it! 

5) Belly Laughs 
Speaking of belly laughs! This is our silly little Hailey. She's always good for a belly laugh! She tried  "no heat" curls by rolling her wet hair up and tying it with yarn. Kinda like in the good ol' days when there was no such thing as a curling iron ;) But look how it turned out the next morning! Hehe :) I doubt her husband was impressed!
The Bible says laughter is good like a medicine. I've also heard it burns calories, what a great added bonus! A really good belly laugh just makes my day and our granddaughter sure knows how to do that! 

6) Traveling
I haven't traveled in a long time and honestly, I really would love to have more time to travel. When Gary was in the Army, we were stationed in Germany. We visited France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and Luxembourg! Flying to Germany was actually my first time to fly. I turned 18 on May 23rd, graduated high school May 25th, married my high school sweetheart May 26th, and was in Germany on May 30th!! Talk about a CRAZY week in our lives! But it was worth it, and I am looking forward to when Gary and I can travel more of the world together.

7) Good Food

Food... I try so hard to eat healthy, watch my calories, and drink a lot of water, but sometimes you just need some GOOD food! I have always loved cooking. I love sitting down with my family with a big dinner, enjoying each others company, and eating. Food always seems to bring people together, which is another reason I love to cook for my family. It warms my soul when my whole brood is together at the same time. Food is good, especially when it's Hailey's German Chocolate Coconut Pecan glazed cake! Everyone needs comfort food sometimes, right? ;) 

8) Christmas
Christmas is my favorite holiday. It's the time to remember the birth of Christ, putting up the Christmas Tree and decorating with lights and ornaments! I love the beautiful Christmas hymns and special time spent with those we love. I love that so many people are talking about the most historic event in the world when they say, "Merry Christmas!" They may not realize it, but by even saying that, they are bringing Him glory! Christmas just puts the right amount of love and joy into the air, and I can't get enough of it :)
Wish I could scoop it up in a baggie and take a whiff every now and then!

9) Family
My sweet, sweet family. Here is a picture of Gary and our 2 babies, Michelle and Scotty, back in 1976. Family means everything to me. God blessed me with such an amazing husband, who is also my best friend. He makes me feel like I'm his one and only! I was also blessed with 2 amazing children that I couldn't possibly love any more! My children are the best things I have ever done and I am so proud of them. They have both turned into amazing adults! Even though they are both married and Michelle has made me a grandmother twice, they are still my babies! I am also a great grandmother to 4 great grand babies! I love my family <3

10) Worship
I lived the first 29 years of my life not knowing God. That all changed in 1979 and my life has never been the same. I worship because there is nothing that compares to the goodness of God.


  1. Would Hailey be willing to share her recipe for the German Chocolate Coconut Pecan glazed cake? It looks delish!

    1. Im sure if you send us your email address Hailey would love to share with you her recipe! It is super delicious :) Thanks for stopping by our blog!