Friday, May 24, 2013

Nana Bear's Notions - Book Signing

I was so very blessed to be invited by Hope Heaton of Nana Bear's Notions in Snyder, TX to a book signing!  What a wonderful day we had!

Hope and her employees are just the sweetest people.  Gary and I loved meeting so many "Snyderites" and Nana Bear's quilt shop is perfectly perfect!  We left behind some of our most popular quilts for her to display until mid-June and she gets new fabric in almost daily.  You've got to go check her out!  She's located at 2513 College Ave in Snyder.  You can also find her on Facebook, just search Nana Bear's Notions.

I have a terribly embarrassing story to share with you!  You will never believe what I did!!  As we were getting ready to leave, Hope took us into the kitchen area where she had these HUGE fantastic cupcakes special for us...looked so mouthwatering!!  (By the way, Hope, where did you get those?!)  I picked this amazing Key Lime cupcake with mile high frosting.  I was in Heaven!  Could not wait to eat it.  Gary picked an equally impressive Cookies and Cream cupcake.  I leaned over to give her a Thank You hug and SPLAT!  My beautiful cupcake landed FROSTING side down on her CARPET!  And it splatted hard!!  Where is a rock when you need one to climb under?  I was mortified!  I immediately dropped to my knees to clean up my mess.  Hope was sweetly telling me it was ok as I was using paper towels to try and scoop up the green glob and clean her carpet.  As I stood up, red-faced, she gave me another Key Lime cupcake!  Such a sweet lady.  Of course, I ate that one as quickly as I could before disaster could strike again!  YUM!!  As good as it looked!

Thank you Hope and Nana Bear's Notions for a fun day and for the cupcake!  We had a wonderful time!  Oh...and I'm sorry about the carpet :)


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