Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sugar Dumplin' Update

I have been busy working on the second Pattern for our Block of the Month (BOM), Sugar Dumplin.  Pattern 2 will include February, May, August, and November.  

Each one I do I just fall in love with - they are so adorable!  They are all 24 x 24 and I chose to make mine two ways: First I made each block in color using a crayon technique.  These can be hung as wall quilts and changed out with each month.  This is what I was working on in the pictures below.  Second, I thought they would be beautiful in redwork, so I made a redwork quilt with all 12 blocks.  I will post a picture of that quilt next week.  Color or redwork, wall hangings or quilt - they are precious either way!

Here I am quilting February.  I did not want to use traditional Valentine colors, so I chose this beautiful pink and green floral fabric and paired it with a buttery yellow.  I just love the way she turned out!

My May Sugar Dumplin' is all dressed up for Mothers Day.  She was picking May flowers for her Mama as a special surprise and got a little boo-boo on her knee.  Such a sweet little Dumplin!

Here is August.  She looks forward to apple pickin' time - she LOVES pie, apple fritters, apple dumplins, caramel apples, candy apples...Yum!  Think I'll make apple cobbler for dinner tonight!  Looking for a recipe now!

Gary is busy working on the CD.  It will be released in February.  I'm sure he's up to having some Apple cobbler tonight!

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