Sunday, August 21, 2011

Whose Got The Button?

I started collecting buttons as a child, but stray buttons were hard to come by around our house. Mama’s frugal habits surely hindered my button collecting. She insisted those buttons had another life, and were not destined to live out their days in an old mayonnaise jar. So back then I was never able to completely fill a jar and call it my own. 

This is a huge 8 gallon jar that sits in the center of my kitchen table.
Things are sure different now, do you know even ten people who would replace a missing button rather than just buy a new shirt?  So when I see stray buttons that go unclaimed I bring them home, clean them up, and put them on display.  My button jars serve as a reminder to me that the tiniest thing can be used to ‘hold it all together’.  Surprising when you think about it, huh?
Antique jar of buttons (next to our wedding picture) on top of a cabinet.
Antique button jar in my bunny bathroom.
Old coffee jar - again in my bunny bathroom.
Union Suit button pin sitting on top of old coffee jar.
Vintage bird waterer filled with buttons - yes! on the back of the toilet (in my bunny bathroom!)
Fat Belly Button Jar in the center of our family room table.
Antique pharmacy apothecary filled with buttons.
Water dispenser - spigot does not drip buttons :)
My favortie Beehive jar is almost full now!
Button jar hidden with other collectibles in stacked cubes.
Baby dress buttons, military buttons, and the big black buttons from Grandma’s church dresses. Rhinestone buttons from a fine Easter bonnet, and simple wooden buttons from granny’s field bonnet. Pearl buttons from silk gloves, and metal buttons from grandpa’s overalls. Buttons just remind me of all the times when something was about to fall apart, but someone rushed in with just the right button to help hold it all together again.
Assorted button jars on my stacked cubes.
Heart pin filled with white and pearl buttons hand sewn by mama.
I just love BUTTONS!


  1. I only have a mason jar full of buttons so I am truly impressed (and inspired) with your button collection!! My mother had a button jar and I remember being allowed to play with them.